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Dinning Menu

SEK Los Valles International School – Ecuador

So that our students feel at home during lunchtime at school, we make sure to take care of every detail:

  • Our catering service provides us with homemade meals adapted to each specific age and controlled by the school health department. Meals are based on our Mediterranean diets, making sure that they are healthy and balanced and contain vegetables, dairy, and fruits, that are fundamental for children’s growth.
  • Students are accompanied by their teachers during their lunchtime to assist them in any way needed.
  • In each meal, we enjoy soup, two options of entrees, a salad bar, desserts, bread, fruit, and juice or water.

Likewise, for students who require it, we offer special menus in case of allergies, any intolerance, or a medical prescription, which are supervised by the school health department.


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