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School SEK Los Valles

Because your children’s health comes first, the School has a medical department during the school day. Conceived as a primary care and first aid service, at no time it intends to function as a pediatric consultation.

The department gives parents a medical form to fill out and update with proper and essential information for the personal assistance of each student during their school life.

When needed to supply any medication during school hours, parents or legal tutors must send a written authorization to this department.

In addition, for security purposes, the students are not allowed to have in their possession any kind of medication, either in their cabinets, lockers, backpacks, or desks.

Also, the medical department is in charge of guiding students, parents, and teachers, through talks and presentations, on subjects related to preventive medicine and the health of the students.

The School doctor supervises the menus to make sure a balanced diet and coordinate school health campaigns with the sanitary authorities.


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