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Institutional Activities

School SEK Los Valles

The International Institution SEK aware of the need to offer students experiences meant to allow them to achieve a wide and holistic human and cultural training, year by year and alternately, organizes the Sports or Cultural InterSEK.  Delegations of all the SEK schools attend to these major events, and every year a different country hosts the participants.

Likewise, our students have a unique opportunity to participate in international activities organized by the Institution where students from all the SEK schools meet. It is definitely a unique, international and global experience that only the students of SEK schools can enjoy.

On the other hand, students also have the opportunity to participate in the Green Week, an activity that takes place in Costa Rica or the White Week, which takes place in the United States.

The International Student Program (ISP) has maintained its popularity and is exclusively offered to our students to study in Boca Raton (USA) or St. John’s (England) four separate sessions.

Residential Summer Camps and Courses at St John’s Int. School

Short courses are offered at St John’s, Devon, England, for boys and girls aged 9-16. Students stay at school for a minimum of half a term and take part in all aspects of the school’s academic and extra-curricular programmes. St John’s also offers a Summer Camp over a four-week period in July and August. Pupils aged 7-16 are able to attend for 1,2,3 or 4 weeks. Each week day involves three hours of English lessons followed by a full range of sporting and cultural activities.

For more details please see the school’s website.

Actividades institucionales
International English Program Boca Prep International School

This program, which has been in operation over ten years, offers students of the Institution SEK International, aged between thirteen and sixteen years the possibility of continuing their usual studies at the school through the medium of English.

Boca Prep International School is a fully accredited US School. The program usually last for three months, but can be extended up to one year.

For more information, please contact the Director of International Programs at the school or visit the school’s website.

Actividades institucionales
Sky week

An annual event that brings together students of all IES and SEK schools in the world to practise a range of winter sports. This Week takes place at the Sierra Ski Resort at Tahoe in California. It is intended for IES and SEK School Students in the northern hemisphere (Americas).

For more information, please visit:

Actividades institucionales semana blanca
A truly global experience

InterSEK is a global sporting and cultural competition that takes place every year hosted by one of the SEK or IES schools.  In 2016 a cultural InterSEK was held in Ecuador, followed by a sporting InterSEK in Guadalajara, Mexico in 2017.  In 2018 all the IES and SEK schools were  invited to Budapest to take part in the 2018 cultural InterSEK. The aim of InterSEK is to create a unique experience based on respect between the different SEK/IES communities whilst fostering a healthy learning environment, cultural exchange and of course, competition.

For more details please see the website.

Green Week

Green Week introduces young people aged 13 and above to a range of enviromental issues in the context of Costa Rica’s extraordinary natural resources. Students visit some of the most exciting wild areas of this amazing country Green Week is based at the SEK INternational Institution’s school and is supported by staff who are bilingual in English and Spanish.

For more information, please contact the Director of International Programs at the school or see the website.

Actividades institucionales GreenWeek
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