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New Technologies

SEK Los Valles International School – Ecuador

The school is a pioneer in the implementation of new technologies at the service of pedagogy. All our classrooms have Digital Panels connected to Internet that allows a dynamic and fun methodology, since they see, hear, touch and interact with them.

1:1 Program

The students, from 7th grade to 1st grade of high school, use the iPad as a study tool along with their traditional materials, books, notebooks, etc. This enables a tremendous development of learning possibilities by providing students with new ways to express themselves and create multimedia content while giving them access to search and filter pertinent information.

All of these devices are carefully managed by the school, using professional tools so that students can take full advantage of them without suffering any inconvenience. Likewise, all teachers have Apple Teacher training that guarantees the right knowledge to use technology in the classroom in the right way.


In addition, we have iPad carts for shared use by grades that are not in the 1:1 Program. Students accesses their own session and documents with their own school account, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that these iPads are also supervised and managed by the center.

Mac and Robotics Room

The design and technology classroom are composed of 25 iMacs and offers us the possibility of completing the activities we develop with mobile devices. There we work on programming, 3D designs, creation of apps and video games.

We also have a robotics classroom where students work with materials such as Lego Mindstorm, Arduino and Vex.

Technological innovation

At our school we develop different innovation programs where technology is fundamental. We are committed to the use of programming as a transversal tool for learning in different subjects. Also, we use the video game Minecraft Education Edition as a virtual learning environment for many subjects as well as Augmented Reality to encourage the creativity of students in a different way.

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