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New Technologies

School SEK Los Valles

The importance of new technologies is unquestionable today. Therefore, the immersion in the digital world is a priority for the School, which not only contributes to this by teaching computer science, but also integrating it as a cross-cutting tool used to learning other subjects.

  • The computer lab is one of the most popular, mainly due to two reasons: complete classes and make more enjoyable the study.
  • O the other hand, the use of “entertainment in place of leisure,” so that young people use their high school for various recreational activities.

Educational Robotics Classroom and Virtual Reality Room

In its first phase, Educational Robotics will be taught to the young students until the Fifth Grade. During these lessons, children will develop creative and organizational skills. Besides, they discover new skills, create and find their own motivation to research through this subject. In a second phase, students from upper classes will be included in this new teaching program.

Additionally, they will carry out specific projects in the Virtual Reality Room, which is a suitable teaching technology resource that will grab the students’ attention by immersing themselves into virtual worlds of diverse fields of knowledge.

MAC Classroom

The School counts on last generation computers so that all our students can take advantage of them. This resource is used in all classes, allowing students to acquire new knowledge in programming and the use of modern educational applications.

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