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SEK Los Valles International School – Ecuador

The transportation service is offered with buses that comply with the parameters required by the Metropolitan Transit Agency. Drivers and their assistants have their personal records in order according to the requirements of the Ecuadorian authorities.

For the safety of our students and their parents, the service provided is door to door.

For more information, please send an email to:

The company providing the transportation service is ERAZGOM S.A.

School transport regulations and rules

  1. Both the drivers and the vehicles that provide the transportation service, comply with all the requirements demanded by the Transit Commissions and other competent organisms in the matter. The service is provided on school days.
  2. SCHEDULE: The bus will arrive at the student’s stop or home at the scheduled time, waiting at most one minute, after which the bus will continue with its route. The bus driver will not honk the horn. The driver will not get out of the vehicle to knock on the door of the student’s home, so the student should be prepared well in advance. If the bus arrives too early, it will wait until the agreed time.
  3. ABSENCES: In the event that a student does not need the transportation service on a given day, he/she must notify the coordinator in order for the bus not to pick him/her up. The bus will not go to the student’s home until the parent requests it again.
  4. EMERGENCIES: If the school bus is delayed due to a breakdown, the bus driver will notify the coordinator, who will tell the parents about the incident so that students can wait at home until a replacement vehicle arrives.
  5. ACCESSES: The bus will not be allowed to pass through routes or access houses that involve insecurity or where it is difficult to maneuver.
  6. CHANGES OF ADDRESS: Must be notified 30 days in advance to the transportation company ERAZGOM, since it may imply a restructure of the routes.
  7. ROUTE CHANGES: Students may change routes if the coordination considers it necessary for a better functioning of the service. In this case, parents will be informed in advance.
  8. TEMPORARY ROUTE CHANGES: Parents may write a request to ask for temporary route changes, as long as they do not affect the established routes and there is space on the bus required.
  9. AUTHORIZATIONS: If a student is not going to use the service in the afternoon, parents must notify the tutor or the Transportation Coordinator by writing a request. For safety reasons, the school will not authorize verbal requests.
  10. WITHDRAWALS: If parents wish to withdraw their child before the end of the day, they must notify the school secretary’s office giving the name, grade and bus number in which the student is traveling. If you wish to pick up your child at the time of departure, you must do so at the door of the bus parking lot by notifying the transportation coordinator.
  11. ARRIVAL AT HOME: In the afternoons the student will be dropped off at their houses. If there is no one there, the bus driver will take the student back to theschool.
  12. DEPARTURE: The bus will not leave the school without checking the attendance of the students traveling on the bus. A record will be kept of any absences.
  13. It will is the students’ responsibility to go to the bus parking lot at the end of the last period of class, as the bus will leave at the scheduled time. Younger students will be accompanied by a teacher.
  14. BEHAVIOR: Since school transportation is an extension of the school, all school rules will be applied. Non-compliance or intentional misconduct will be reported to the respective tutor and Head of Studies who will take the appropriate measures.
  15. If a student suffers from an illness that may upset the bus driver and may put him or her in danger and cause an accident endangering his or her own health or the health of others, he or she will not be allowed to use the bus.
  16. DAMAGE: If a student causes damage or breakage to any part of the vehicle due to intentional misuse, the parents will be held responsible for repairing it.
  17. OBSERVATIONS: If parents wish to make any observations on the organization or operation of the service, they may do so to the Head of Services.
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